August 20

Half-marathon training
Week two, day one

As I was lacing up my shoes for my 1/2 mile this morning, I was thinking about the kickoff session on August 11, where we were encouraged to really think about the people affected by this disease, and not just the numbers. And in the short time I’ve been working on this goal, I’ve learned that many of my friends have been affected by blood cancer. My best friend from junior high, who is training for her fourth half-marathon with the Houston team in honor of her daughter, who was diagnosed at 2 and is now starting first grade cancer free. My friend and tireless bar none director, who lost her father to leukemia. The TNT campaign manager, who lost his mother after her transplant. Just last night, I was talking to some good friends about helping me with a fundraising event and found out that her mother had lymphoma.

Grandfathers, mothers, brothers, wives, sons, daughters, friends…so many people dealing with the same awful disease that took Angi from us much too soon. It took me about 6 minutes to run a half-mile this morning. During that time, 1.5 people in the US were diagnosed with a blood cancer. I’m so happy to help try to find a cure.

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