August 23

Half-marathon training
Week two, day three

Saturday after we finished our run, I decided to take advantage of our discount at RunOn. I needed new shoes for two reasons: 1) I’ve had the same pair since I started couch to 5k last fall, and 2) I suspected that going to the clearance rack and pulling off a pair marked “running” wasn’t really the best method to choose shoes.

Enter Earl, an older gentleman who was full of advice about running and shoes. He asked me a few questions, twisted and squashed my shoes, and confirmed that I was due for some new ones. Next he pulled out that metal foot-measuring thingy (I don’t think I’ve stood on one of those since 6th grade).

Earl: Your left foot is a size 10.

Me: Yep.

Earl: And your right foot is a size 10.

Me: Yuup.

Earl: (frowning) And your shoes are a size 10.

Me (wondering if poor Earl is all there): Yuuuuup?

Well, turns out that your running shoe should be bigger than your foot. Which might explain my occasionally blue toenails. So, Earl grabbed a few pairs of size 11s and we discussed the pros and cons of having six feet rather than two while I tried on shoes, jumped around and ran through the racks of socks and shorts and such. It was no contest – the Brooks Adrenaline felt fantastic! So I said, “goodbye, Earl” (not in a Dixie Chicks kind of way) and took my new shoes home.

Did I mention they’re white with bright purple accents? I think Tony still suspects I picked them by color.

It has made such a difference already! My half mile this morning was truly easy: my knees felt good, my hips didn’t hurt. Unfortunately, they haven’t given me any superpowers, but I’ll take what I can get. Thanks, Earl!


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