August 28

Half-marathon training
Week three, day two

Two miles today, which meant I had to start before the sun came up, which meant running on the track at my gym. It’s not a very big track. 16 laps to a mile.


The first five are always slow, but I learned a while ago to count off the laps on my fingers because around lap six it gets kind of zen and I lose track of what I’m doing.


Before I know it, it’s lap 16 and I’m half done. All those small little turns around the upstairs floor of my gym add up and eventually I make it to my goal.

The same thing happens in fundraising. I noticed today that I am almost 1/3 of the way to my goal. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far! I know some of you have also gotten emails from me and some of you will be getting letters. I apologize if there is overlap but I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to contribute. Remember, even $5 or $10..heck even $1 helps!


I’m working on some fundraising events too. Some great friends are helping me put together a wine tasting that I hope we will host some time in late September or October. And once the regular season starts, Tony is going to help me run some football squares.

Even with counting on my fingers, I wasn’t sure at the end if I was on lap 31 or 32. So I did one more just in case. Never hurts to do a little extra, right?

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