October 2

Half-marathon training
Week eight, day two

Four miles on the schedule today. Woke up but felt tired and had a headache (again – must be allergies or the weather I guess) so decided to go after work. Then I couldn’t decide whether to go to the gym, run the Katy Trail, run through the neighborhood, or wait until 6:30 and run with some of my teammates. I literally went back and forth in my mind all day and even when I left work I didn’t know where I was going.

I finally realized that the problem was I just didn’t want to run today! For no good reason, I just “didn’t wanna.” Well, I know how to fix that problem – do it anyway. I threw on my running clothes and drove over to the Katy Trail and ran my four miles. Passed my teammates going the other direction. 🙂 And by the time I was halfway done, I was even glad to be doing it. Just keep running!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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