October 23

Half-marathon training
Week eleven, day two

Six miles tonight. My plan was to go straight from work, run 4, meet up with the group and do the last two with them. It didn’t quite work out that way…first of all, I had barely started when I realized I really needed to pee! Those of you who have been on the Katy Trail know it’s not like you can sneak off into the woods, so when I got to AA I ran all the way around hoping it would be open for some reason and I could sneak in to the bathroom. No such luck, so I ran back up the trail and over to the Reverchon Park rec center. I don’t think I was really supposed to use the restroom in there but hey it’s part of the park isn’t it? No?

Anyway…after that adventure I was still just struggling. I think it was the heat/humidity because once again my legs seemed to weigh 100 pounds each. So when I saw my friends go by, I told them to go ahead – I was running too slow to keep up with them and I hate for people to have to slow down for me.

But I made it, and boy was I glad to get home! Now I just have to figure out why my runkeeper app keeps killing my phone after 5 miles or so….

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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