November 20

Half-marathon training
Week fifteen, day one

When I walked into the kitchen at work yesterday morning, my coworker said, “Oh, good, I’m so glad you’re here!” My job is to handle emergencies that come in, so I assumed she was talking about a filing. No – she had heard the news story that a woman training for a marathon had been grabbed on the Katy Trail Sunday morning and was worried it was me.

Nope, not me, and not on the part of the trail where I run, but pretty scary nonetheless – it was in broad daylight. I had two miles to do yesterday and planned to hit the trail right after work when it would still be at least somewhat light outside. Best laid plans, and all that. I didn’t have time to go home at lunch so I didn’t have my running clothes with me, and then I had to work late so it was dark by the time I got home. I decided to do my two miles through Highland Park instead.

I lived alone in New York for a few years, so I don’t know why I was nervous about going out in the dark, but I was. I clipped on my flashing light so cars could see me and tucked my pepper spray into my hand. (I always only run with one earbud in so I can hear people/cars coming.) Off I went!

It was fine. A little slow going because apparently street lights are declasse, but I overcame my reluctance and now I won’t be bothered by having to run in the dark! I’m going to hold on to my pepper spray, though, so don’t worry, Mom!


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