December 26

Half-marathon training
Week twenty, day two

I’ll never forget the first time it snowed in New Haven. It was the night before our torts final, and some friends and I took a study break to pick up some food and rent a movie. We were walking down the street; they were all playing in the snow and I was shuffling along carefully when KABLAM! I fell and broke my ankle. I was in the hospital for five days and still have a plate and ten screws in my ankle to commemorate the experience.

So it’s probably not a surprise that I despite 16 years in snowy climes (Detroit, New Haven and New York), I am a complete wimp about snow and ice. I even turned down going to Les Mis last night because I was worried about the sidewalks being icy. Due to the ice and the cold, I originally planned to do my four miles at the gym today. But when I saw that the streets were dry, I decided to go to the Katy Trail instead.

The hill up to the trail was a little slick, but it was mostly snow on mulch so I was fine getting up there, and the trail looked dry and clear on the main path. If you’ve run the Katy Trail, you might have already figured out what I forgot – there are a lot of bridges on the trail. And every bridge was still 90 percent covered in ice.

So my run today kind of went like this: run. Come to a complete stop. Carefully stomp my way over the least frozen part of the bridge. Start running again. Despite that little issue, I had a fantastic run! Mother Nature 0, Liz 1!


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