January 6, 2014

Marathon training



At the beginning of the season, Coach Joe gives us all a training schedule. This season, I decided to mark the days off with stars (the blank days are those I missed or did less than on the schedule). Today, I ran 2 miles at the gym at lunch and thus marked off the first day of the final week. When I finished my run, I thought, okay,12 more of those and that’s the race. No problem.




After work I went to have Dr. Chris work on my knees and I told him, “you know, I think I might pull this off.” “You will.” I’ve heard that from him and Coach Joe and Karen but now I’m finally, finally believing it. And I know that’s most of the battle at this point.


I feel like I’ve talked about myself a lot this season. Running and Team in Training has been a real journey of self-discovery for me and I’m in a place I don’t think I would have found without Angi and her fight.


But I want to be sure to thank YOU. All I do is run and talk way too much about running. You provide the dollars, the support, the listening ear and the shoulder to cry on. I wish you could all be at Disney with me to cross the finish line. But you will be there in my heart. And if you could, when you wake up Sunday morning, take a moment and think, “huh, Elizabeth is running a marathon right now.” Maybe even a little prayer if you’re the praying type or some good wishes if you’re not. I’m counting on that energy to carry me through.


Six days. I got this.

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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