November 14, 2013

Marathon training

week fourteen, day three


I got out and did my four miles yesterday morning before the cold and rain moved in. It was pretty humid though, which meant I was a whole minute per mile slower than I was on Tuesday. It’s amazing how much humidity affects me (especially my knees). On to more important matters though – running music!


I’m starting to think about the details of race day and decided I wanted to make a marathon playlist. I’ll get tired of the premixed rock my run downloads I usually listen to, and I don’t want to have to fumble around and skip over the weird stuff that is randomly on my ipod. Given that I’ll still end up with some I don’t feel like hearing and that I run slowly and will have to be in the corral for a good while before we start, I’m thinking 150-ish songs. That’s where you come in! Any suggestions of good running/cardio songs or just songs you think I might like to hear while running 26 miles?

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