Two questions

Goofy Training

Week One, Day 3


Two miles on the treadmill yesterday.




So, when I finished this run at lunch, my face was as red as a fresh summer tomato. I was pouring sweat even after I cleaned up and got ready to return to the office. Luckily by the time I got back I had spent enough time with the a/c in the car on full blast to look halfway human again.

What I want to know is, how come I see so many people at the gym who don’t seem to be sweating at all? They’re running, or lifting, or elliptical-ing, and they look like they just strolled off the pages of a fitness magazine. Meanwhile I must look like I’m about to pass out.

So. If being cute were an important part of running, I would obviously fail. But since it’s not, let’s move on.

To my second question – who wants to be my next difference maker? I have one donation so far and am still waiting for many, many more! Don’t wait – donate now and I’ll quit bugging you about it!

Plus remember – this year I am making a 25% matching donation for every donation of $100 or more. You put in $100, I’ll put in $25. You put in $1000, I’ll put in $250. Yes, Tony and I donate to my fundraising every year but this year I wanted to do a bit extra.

So donate now, and donate often. Your contribution could be the one that enables LLS to conquer blood cancer for good!

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