September 18

Half-marathon training
Week six, day two

Four miles this morning – at the gym because I don’t have reflective gear yet. Yes, for those keeping track, that means 64 laps around the track. Wow, that’s a lot. Oh, and the four miles included four fartleks, which may be my favorite word ever (it just means to speed up for a minute or so).

The good thing about getting out of bed and running in the morning is that it makes the rest of your day pretty awesome. Yesterday I left work feeling like I spent most of the day moving papers around without accomplishing anything. Today when I leave my desk will be clean!

And, now that I’m back from vacation and over whatever was wrong with me last week, it’s time to focus back on my fundraising. I am sooooo close to the halfway mark! Still working on some events to come. We should have the squares for the Cowboys games up this week, so I think the first game we sell them for will be Cowboys/Bears. We’ll do that through a facebook group that you’ll all be invited to once it’s all set up. Also, one of my teammates and I will be at a few home Cowboys games this year selling Jell-O shots. We hoped to be at the Bucs game Sunday but couldn’t work it out, but I’ll post here when and where we’ll be!

Stay tuned for more info ~ and once again, thank you all for your support!


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Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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