September 17

Half-marathon training
Week six, day one

Two miles today. Once again, Monday morning proved too tough to get up early, so I ran after work and found a good route from my house through Highland Park. As soon as I get some reflective gear so cars can see me, I can run outside in the mornings too!

Three different people this weekend asked me about how I get through the longer runs when I’m tired and my body hurts. If it’s a group run, I chit-chat with my teammates and people watch at the lake. If I’m alone, I run from zombies or just zone out to music. But the truth is, when the distractions don’t work, I remind myself how much more pain the people we’re fighting for are going through. I saw some of what Angi went through and there are so many adults and kids fighting this disease that I figure my sore hamstrings and achy feet aren’t really worth thinking about.

It’s funny, too, how quickly two miles has turned into something I can just bang out really quick before we run errands. As time goes on, these runs will get easier, I think. I wish I could say the same for the fights of all of the people battling leukemia and lymphoma.

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