September 15

Half-marathon training
Week 5, Day 4

I must have checked the training schedule 10 times this week. Unfortunately, every time it said the same thing: “White Rock Lake, 8 miles.” Three weeks ago I ran four miles for the first time, and now I was supposed to run eight?

Well, okay. It’s a good thing these are group runs because I’m sure on my own I would have found an excuse to stop at mile 5 or6…or 2. You know, “my toe hurts…I’m sweaty…my ponytail is loose.” But I went out with about 6 other people in my pace group and I was keeping up well until we passed mile 3 and ran up a hill. By the time we got to the top, I was having a hard time breathing and I wasn’t sure I’d make it.

Mark noticed I was struggling at the turn around and offered to stay back with me if I needed to go slower. He then asked if I had taken in any nutrition. I had some powerade…oh and Ryan gave me a sport bean that I tucked into my pouch instead of eating. I wasn’t sure how a jelly bean would help me breathe but figured it was worth a try.

What do you know…it worked! I made it. I ran EiGHT MILES. Ate another bean while stretching, came home and took the advice to take a cold bath, and I actually feel pretty good!

Although I think I’ll be wearing flats to my sister’s wedding tonight. Look out week six, I’m coming for you!

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