October 15

Half-marathon training
Week 10, day one

It’s becoming a routine to get home from work on Monday, lace up my running shoes and pound out my 2 miles up and down Lomo Alto. There are always other people out, especially on a day like today (close to 80, but low humidity). Kids on bikes and scooters, dog walkers, other runners, older couples strolling after dinner…it’s nice.

Today, when I rounded the corner past Whole Foods, I saw the street blocked off by a police SUV. When I got closer I could see that there had been a car accident – pretty serious from the looks of it with 2 or 3 cars involved. There were five cop cars (cop SUVs – I guess they don’t drive plain old cars in HP), two ambulances, and a fire truck. By the time I was coming back the other way, they had a young man on a back board immobilized to transfer him to the stretcher. I hope he will be okay.

Life changes in an instant, you know? I don’t know what caused the accident, of course, but certainly none of those people expected that when they set out to wherever they were headed. Sometimes that surprise change is good – you meet the person who will become your spouse, or get into a great graduate program, or buy the winning lottery ticket. Sometimes, it’s bad. You have an accident, you lose your job, you get the news from the doctor that you never expected to hear. The people we are fighting for with Team in Training certainly know that feeling.

No one knows what’s around the next corner. Enjoy what you can, while you can, and tell your loved ones that you love them every chance you get!


About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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