October 30

Half-marathon training
Week twelve, day one

Okay, note to self: before you plan a route that includes running around the AA center, make sure there is not a Justin Beiber concert going on!

Two miles yesterday – as our miles increase during the week, Mondays have been staying at two miles which is a great way to finish recovering from Saturday’s long run. I’ve been neglecting my stretching again which was affecting my calves and my lower back is bothering me. The back is either from not stretching my hamstrings or one of those over-40 moments when you reach for a pen and throw your back out. It did loosen up after running yesterday and I’m hopeful I’ll make it through six miles tonight as well.

When I started with TNT, I was advised to start fundraising early before training got more intense. I now totally understand that advice! It’s not just that the runs take longer; I need more gear, more time to stretch, and more time to sleep (I’m sleeping more than I have since college these days!)

So, I am still $315 away from my first goal with a couple of months to go. I did finally update my fundraising page with a new post and new picture, so please go check it out!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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