October 31

Half-marathon training
Week eleven, day two

Met up with the group last night for our six miles and was really happy to see Jennifer there. She is having problems with her IT band and we run at the same slow pace, so I wouldn’t be keeping anyone else back. She’s also just a lot of fun to talk to, especially because about halfway through every run she starts planning what she will have to eat after the run. A woman after my own heart (even though I rarely want to eat much of anything after running). A few weeks ago she and I discovered that we went to the same high school, except that she is about 15 years younger than me. It’s a lot more fun to run with friends instead of alone!

Anyway, got my six in despite continuing issues with my back and hamstrings. I’m glad today is a cross-training day; I’m going to make sure to get in some good stretching before bedtime tonight!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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