November 1

Half-marathon training
Week twelve, day three (yes I miscounted the weeks yesterday)

Two miles today, so I changed clothes at work and stopped at the Katy Trail on the way home. Skip a little traffic and get the run done early so I can come home, shower, and have my jammies on before dinner.

Only problem with this plan is when you forget something. Luckily, all I forgot today was a ponytail holder so I just grabbed a rubber band off my desk. Hey, I don’t worry about looking cute when I run!

The worst time I ever forgot something workout-related was when I lived in Manhattan. I used to sleep in my gym clothes, go straight to the gym and then shower and change there for work. This was back in the days when we were required to wear skirt suits and pantyhose to work (yes, in the 90s – I’m not that old!) Anyway, one time I got dressed only to find that I had forgotten my bra. I had to wander around the city until Victoria’s Secret opened so I could buy a bra and go to work!

Anyway…two miles done, chicken, rice and peas for dinner, and tomorrow’s Friday – works for me!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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