November 7

Half-marathon training
Week thirteen, day two

Boy, was I grumpy last night. It was dark. I wanted to stay home and watch the election returns (I wouldn’t miss anything.) Wasn’t my knee still kind of hurting after it “slipped” a little on Saturday? (No, it wasn’t. My knee was fine.)

The truth is I love the Tuesday night group but I always feel anxious about joining them because I’m the slowest runner in the group and can’t keep up with the faster people. The speed at which I run seems to be the only speed I have. Of course, this feeling is 100% about me and my lack of confidence in my running. Stefani had said she would be there (she was) and we run together most of the time on Saturdays. And none of the faster people or coaches ever complains about having to wait for me or rolls their eyes when I show up. Yeah, time to quit blaming other people for my insecurities.

So I went, and I ran my six miles with Stefani, and the faster group even stayed with us for the first three or so. And it was much, much better than running alone, just like it always is.

It just goes to show you, you shouldn’t believe everything you think.

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Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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