November 8, 2012

Half-marathon training
Week thirteen, day three

I have plans for sushi with friends tonight (I’m driving to Euless to eat sushi. Not a sentence I ever thought I’d say) so I did my two miles before work. Easy peasy, out and back through HP.

Good things: 1) I felt accomplished before even coming to work, 2) it was nice and brisk outside, great temp for running (and yes the sun was up), 3) there were fewer children/strollers/walkers on the sidewalks to dodge.

Bad things: 1) waiting on the light at Lemmon and the Tollway. Even when I had the walk signal, I wasn’t sure anyone was awake enough to realize I was there ~ talk about a fartlek! 2) the sprinklers in front of Whole Foods are set at a perfect height to spray you in the ankles.

Pure luck thing: the only danger from the two unleashed dogs I met was that they might lick me to death, as they were giant black balls of love. I’m guessing a lab-St. Bernard mix.

Saturday is eight miles but Coach Joe canceled the hills – I’m ready!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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