December 10

Half-marathon training
Week eighteen, day one

Man, did the day get away from me today. I meant to do my two miles outside at lunch but I left the office too late to fit it in. So I went after work figuring I’d be home by six, but worked late and by the time I got to and from the gym, it was 7 before I walked in the door.

Not to mention that Christmas is in 15 days! We have our tree up, but no cards ordered let alone mailed, and I haven’t bought one gift yet. Time just flies by! I only have three weeks left to finish my fundraising and less than two to fill up our football squares, which will raise $400. In addition to the squares, I need $330 to meet my goal, and 7 more donors! I know some of you have said you intend to donate, so please go to my page when you get a chance or mail or give me a check to LLS – I’m so close to being a rock star for Angi! And even if you have already donated, please consider a football square or two; you could win Christmas money while making a charitable donation!

We’re so close…in both time and donations…and I know that with your help, I’ll not only be able to run the race but to raise the money I need as well!

About Elizabeth

Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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