December 11

Half-marathon training
Week eighteen, day two

Finally cold enough to wear my jacket and long running pants/tights. Wow, nothing makes you feel more like a real runner than a pair of tights! LOL! I left my gloves and ear warmer/headband in my car though – it wasn’t that cold. Four miles on the trail, 3 by myself and caught up with Ryan and Teresa for one mile in the middle and got to hear about their successful race last weekend. It was all good, except…

My right calf is driving me nuts! Both of my calves have been like rocks for the last couple of weeks on and off but tonight my right calf wouldn’t loosen up at all. I’ve been trying to be extra good about stretching but it doesn’t seem to help. Any of my running friends have any ideas? Should I walk around more during the day and try to keep it loose? Take some electrolytes, vitamins, eat bananas? Do different stretching (I’ve just been doing the “runner’s stretch” and hanging my heels off a step)? Help!


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Running and thinking about life one step at a time.
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