October 2013 (1)

Marathon Training

Week eight, day four


Earlier this week, I was looking over my training schedule and noticed I had 13 miles yesterday. I told Tony, “doesn’t it seem weird that last year it took me the whole season to get to 13 miles and now I’m doing it eight weeks in?” He just raised his eyebrows at me and said, “I told you that running a full marathon was crazy.”


Friday night before we turned off the lights to go to sleep, he said, “You know you can run 13 miles. You’ve done it before.” “Yeah, I know,” I said. So I ran 13 miles yesterday and it wasn’t too bad, actually. I had great company and just about the time I thought the humidity was going to kill me, the rain started. It didn’t rain but for about half a mile and after that it was much cooler.


Nonetheless, I was right to be nervous. From here on, the runs get longer and I’m going to be in new distance territory. The marathon, which still seems so far away, is in about three months. My fundraising dollars are due in two and a half months, and I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be by now on that end. This is my fault – I have fundraising ideas that I simply haven’t implemented. I need to get out there and ask just as much as I need to keep running, cross-training, and eating right. It’s time to Bubble Up and get things done. So yeah, I’m nervous. But I’m going to do it anyway. You never know what you can do if you talk yourself out of trying.

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