September 2013 (2)

Marathon training

Week seven, days 3 and 4


Yesterday afternoon, we went to Whole Foods to pick up something for dinner. I was chatting with the cashier about the weather (as you do) and mentioned that I wasn’t crazy about having to run back to our car in the rain. “Just be glad you have a car,” he said. Turns out he walks to and from work no matter the weather. Yep, pretty lucky we have not one car but two.


I was too busy to post on Thursday’s run, which I did outside at lunch in 90 degrees. But it was a good busy. I’m lucky to have friends and a husband to spend time with at Shakespeare in the park, a show at the Winspear, and the state fair. I’m lucky to have a job that keeps me busy and challenges me, and it even pays me enough to keep me in running shoes.


Yesterday’s nine miles was a slog through high temps and higher humidity. My whole right leg hurt starting at mile 5. But yet, I’m lucky. I’m lucky to have been introduced to Team in Training and to have been given the opportunity (twice!) to be a mentor for the team.   I’m lucky to have Coach Joe and my team captain Karen to teach me how to run an endurance event and how to raise money. I’m lucky to have friends and family who read these updates and who generously open their wallets for a cause that means so much to me. Most of all, I’m lucky to have the ability (and stubbornness!) to run, and to keep running until I reach my goal.


I’m lucky to have my health. I’m not undergoing tests and chemo and radiation and the side effects that go with them. I’m not watching Tony or my parents or my sister or my nephew or niece having to go through any of that and wondering if they will be one of the ones who makes it.


Call it lucky. Call it blessed. Heck, call it crazy if you want. All I know is that I am grateful for the life that I am living.



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