October 2013 (5)

Marathon training

Week ten, day three


Two miles on a beautiful fall day today. I took my favorite route through Highland Park. I just love it – the people in cars not only stop for me to cross the street, but they wave at me as I go by (yes, with all of their fingers!) Right now I get to enjoy the festive-yet-tasteful Halloween decorations, which is just a tease for the Christmas lights to come. I even run past a treehouse that I’m pretty sure is nicer than my first apartment in New Haven.


You know, one reason I went to Yale was that I was sure I never wanted to live in Dallas again. And when I came back after my clerkship, it was only a couple years before I took off again, this time for New York. But as it turns out, I love Dallas. I love the Katy Trail, Northpark, the Cowboys and our skyline. I love the fact that we all pulled out our sweaters, wool pants and boots this week as it dipped below 60, and that women were out walking today in tights, jackets and ear warmers. I love that half of my friends have posted non-ironic pictures of Big Tex and corny dogs in the past month, and that the rest of us have non-ironically “liked” them.


I have kind of an itinerant soul, and I’m not sure Tony and I will live here forever. (I’m still pushing to live in Europe for a year before we hit 50). But whatever happens, I suspect that when I think of home, I’ll always think of Dallas.

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