October 2013 (6)

Marathon training

Week ten, day four


One of the things about training for an endurance event is that “long distance” becomes relative, a fact I sometimes forget. I was reminded of it Friday night when I told Tony that I only had to run nine miles on Saturday. He raised his eyebrows and replied, “Do you hear what you just said?” Yeah, I know. It was also my last single-digit Saturday run until the week before the marathon. Eek!


It was great running weather yesterday. Cool enough that I actually ran in capris and a long-sleeved shirt. Some of my teammates added hats and gloves – I tend to warm up faster than a lot of people so I don’t dress as heavily.   It’s one of two advantages I’ve found from being an, erm, larger than average runner; I don’t have to mess with hats and gloves and lots of layers. (The second advantage is that I get a lot of my running gear on the clearance rack; apparently not that many women are buying XL running clothes.)


I ran with Chrissy and Karen yesterday; the rest of our usual group is running the Dallas marathon and had sixteen miles on their schedule! Everything just went well for me yesterday and I finished feeling strong (assisted by a little post-run work on my foot by Dr. Chris). Got home, watched the Aggies lose 😦 and then went out to a raucous Halloween party with some great friends. Today is more football, resting and Chinese takeout for dinner. What a great weekend it’s been!

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