Running and singing

Goofy Training

Week Seven, Days One and Two

Since I was still pretty sore from this weekend’s running, I decided to do Monday’s five miles in the pool – 125 laps of running (equivalent by time, not distance!) Since it cooled off a bit Monday morning, there was no one at the pool and I didn’t think to bring my phone so I could have tunes. It’s kind of boring running back and forth in a pool so I started singing to myself. Pop tunes, old hip-hop, Broadway show tunes…anything to which I could think of the lyrics. Around lap 85 I was singing “Bust a Move” when I turned to go back the other direction and noticed my neighbor on his way to the dumpster. Um. He gave me a big smile and greeting but I’m still hoping he didn’t actually hear me rapping “So come on fatso, just bust a move.”

Last night there was no singing involved thankfully – just a nice four mile run (even if still slower than normal – soreness seems to be gone today, thankfully!) with my team out on the Katy Trail. I guess my neighbors and I should both be thankful that we’ve likely come to the end of pool running season.

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