On injuries and laziness

Goofy training
Week eight

I’ve been having some slight issues with my knees lately (the weather changing has always made them ache) so I did most of my runs in the pool last week. I think the last two rain storms have officially ended outdoor pool running though.

Thirteen miles on the schedule Saturday – but on Friday night we had to cancel our group run because White Rock lake was closed due to the damage from Thursday’s storm. I had every intention of doing my miles anyway, but then I slept late, watched some football, did 3 miles and decided to finish on Sunday. But then I slept late again and never did the other 10.

I hate to miss my long runs and I’m starting to worry that I’m not worried enough about the races this year, if that makes sense. We’re into week 9 and it’s less than 100 days until marathon weekend. So – more running outside. More posts on Facebook to keep me motivated (sorry to those of you who dislike my running posts). Less sleeping in. 

Five miles on the schedule today and I’m determined to get them done, even though I have a bit of a chest cold. I may have to walk some of them, but it’s time to Bubble Up – no excuses!

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