On sickness

Goofy training

Week nine, day three

There’s nothing like a declaration that you will absolutely not miss any more training sessions to ensure you end up with Ebola. Okay, it’s not Ebola, but I am sick. Maybe a cold, maybe a respiratory infection (if it’s not gone by Monday I’ll go to the doctor but I think it will play itself out by then) but either way I haven’t been able to run this week. I did head out Monday, but I ended up walking most of the five miles because I couldn’t stop coughing. And Tuesday I jumped in the chilly pool for six miles because it made it easier to stop and rest at the end of every few laps and I was less likely to get overheated. But I think I’m just going to have to give up today’s four miles all together. The truth is I’m not doing myself any favors by trying to prove a point and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to exercise with a fever.

I am counting on being better by tomorrow so I can do 7 and then 14 on Saturday though!

In fundraising news, I’m now just about $2500 away from my fundraising goal with two months to get there. Special thanks to my parents Ernie and Myra Stepp for their generous donation! They’re the best and have always supported even my craziest ideas. That plus some more matching donations from me and some ticket money means I’m 55% of the way there.   No stopping now!

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