A great day

Goofy training

Week ten, day four

This is a slightly delayed post since it is now Week 11, day 3 but this season has been flying by! It’s a little scary to realize that the race is in less than three months. On the plus side, I am getting closer to my goal – about $1200 left to raise and thank you all who have contributed! We have one more group fundraiser next week – more on that in a separate post and you may be receiving an invitation from me as well.

On Saturday we had 10 miles to run and it was such a beautiful day. It got off to a great start when my friend Courtney and I were named co-winners of the purple shoe award for fundraising in week nine – we both raised over $1000 in a week (thank you opportunity tickets!) And then in even better news, I won the opportunity drawing! (Fair and square, I promise, I didn’t draw the ticket.) Set off and did a beautiful loop around the lake. It’s a great feeling to run all the way around it.

My emotions go back and forth during training season. I spend a lot of time doubting myself and wondering what I’ve gotten into. But this run was one of those times that I thought, “I think I’m actually going to pull this off.” It’s a good feeling while it lasts!

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