The long cold run

Goofy training

Week  somewhere more than halfway

It was cold at the lake Saturday morning.  Not just Dallas cold, real cold.  And just when it looked like the sun might come out and warm things up, the clouds came back with a strong, cold, wind that blew across the lake so that it felt like you were running into a headwind no matter which way you were going. (The sunglasses on my head in the picture were an attempt to keep my eyes from watering so much from the wind.)

No one else was going to do 18 miles that day for one reason or another, but I had 18 miles on my schedule and no injury or illness or work obligation keeping me from it.  I didn’t want to do it, I knew it would be a long time to be out there in the cold alone and it would mean my coaches would have to wait on me to finish.  But I’ve never accomplished anything by cutting myself slack, so I did the old one foot in front of the other, 9 miles around one way and then turn around and go back the other way.  Done and done.

If I look proud of myself in this picture, I was.


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1 Response to The long cold run

  1. Courtney Lane says:

    You should be proud!! That’s freaking awesome!

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